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Worship, The Arts & Wellness

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My love of the arts, culture and wellness started at a young age. My parents were great about giving their daughters exposure to a myriad of sporting events, cultural events and creative activities. Every weekend, if we weren't at Madison Square Garden we were at the museum or the ballpark or the theater or off somewhere learning some new thing.  


Over the years, as I have grown in my relationship with the Lord, it has been amazing to me that He has allowed these areas to have prominent roles in ministry for me.  Yes, I'm talking about Worship, The Arts & Wellness. Yep, that's where I live and thrive. I live to worship the Most High God. Moreover, out of my love for God, and ministry in these areas, has come a deeper understanding of spiritual life, disciplines/practice and a love for Christian theological education.   

In this section we highlight some of my work in the areas of Worship, The Arts & Wellness, to the praise of His glorious grace.

                                ~ Shalom


Features from CV:

2023-Present, Liturgical Dance Instructor, Soul Xpressiion School of the Arts, West Orange, NJ

Teach youth, teens and adults the soul’s expression of worship through dance.

1987-Present, Liturgical Dancer, Instructor, Clinician and Consultant

Facilitate workshops, retreats, and guided movement meditations. Provide consultation and present choreographic works. Began ministering in dance, liturgically, under the pastoral leadership of Bishop George and Pastor Mary Searight (New Hope Training Center RU, '87).  Liturgical Dance Premiere Workshops, include:

  • Liturgical Dance: What's the Pointe?

  • Breathe: Guided Movement Meditation ​

2007-2015 Associate Minister of Worship & Arts, FBCCE

Serve multiethnic congregation in all aspects of Christian service including worship leading, preaching, teaching for holistic transformation. Assist Sr. Pastor, in the assimilation of Burmese and Bhutanese refugees via ESL and spiritual formation. Practitioner of the arts in spiritual life via music, art, dance, story and puppetry.

2005-2008, Teaching Artist, New York City Ballet Education Department, NY, NY

Facilitated creative movement workshops for Ballet Among the Blooms and Swan Lake.

2005-2007, Associate Minister, Worship & Arts, New Hope Baptist Church of Hackensack, NJ (NHBC)

Served a dually affiliated American Baptist and National Baptist congregation in aspects of Christian worship including as the founding leader of the Judah Dance Ministry (1994) and the Praise and Worship Team (c. 1998) under the pastoral leadership of

The Rev. Dr. M. Frances Fontaine.

2004, LOD Associate, Language of Dance Center in association with Dallas Dance Educators Association and Dallas

Independent School District, Dallas, TX. 

Stage One Language of Dance (LOD) Fundamental Certification.

2000-2004, Creative Movement Instructor, West Dallas Community School, Dallas, TX

Wrote, developed and implemented curriculum for creative movement and creative play classes (Pre-K through 3). 

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