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"If You Can Wait, Then I Will..."

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

The nearest Christian bookstore to our family’s house is about a two-hour journey. One hour there and then another hour back home. So, when we go, we make it somewhat of a fieldtrip with list in hand. Well, my sister and I had taken a special trip one Saturday because she had ordered a book and was told that it had arrived, but upon our arrival we learned that it had not yet come. But all was not lost because the entire way down I had a specific friend in mind and upon leaving the store that very friend walked through the doors! And here’s the thing, the store is in one state and she lives in another nearby state. What was happening?! Well, she had come to the store to support her brother who was also there giving a demonstration about an amazing product which I too supported. But, in any case, there we were, stunned to see each other! I looked at her, and was like, “You were on my mind the entire way down here! What are we supposed to do? Why were we supposed to meet here?” And after a while we simply surmised that maybe it was because we hadn’t seen each other in over a year and it was time for a sweet in-person reunion. So, we rejoiced and left it at that.

The following week, my sister and I made that journey again, to the bookstore. Her book had come in and I too had ordered a book that had arrived. Again, upon leaving the store, there was a lady seated at the table where my friend’s brother sat the week prior. She had items laid out and I approached her to inquire about the price of a specific item, which I knew was extremely valuable and could be quite expensive. It was there, at that point of entry and exit, that she quietly responded that God had instructed her to give that item away. And then she said, in a very still and calming voice, the words that resonated deeply in my spirit, “If you can Wait, then I will make a gift package for you. Can you Wait?” Immediately, I knew that this was God’s sermon to me. It was a practical life-lesson-sermon "to Wait" and trust that God will supply all that I need. And so, I responded, “Yes, I can wait.” Then slowly and carefully and I dare say lovingly— oh and yes strategically — she packed a black strappy bag with each item. The bag was embroidered with a cross and the Jeremiah 29:11 verse (which is a sermon to me in itself). And then she handed me the packed bag along with the item that I had initially inquired about. I was nearly in shock. When I thanked her, she said that they were all gifts to me from the Lord; and so right there I began to thank and praise the Lord for His blessing. Then she turned to my sister and did the same for her. Both of us left the store with merchandise of nearly a $500 gift value-- each. Freely given to us and gratefully received.

So, what about my friend? You know, the one that I started off talking about earlier? Well, when I called her the following day and told her what we experienced, that’s when she told me that the same had happened to her and her Mother when they were at the bookstore on the day that we had our sweet reunion. And there on our video conference call we stood holding one of the same items that was a gift from the Lord through that dear woman. In my heart, I really believe that God had called us to that meeting place for a specific purpose. Yes, it was to see one another, but it was also an appointed time for us to receive from God and to be refined in a specific area.


Those words still resound in my spirit today. What about for you? What is it that God is asking you to wait for? I know that it is hard to wait. And waiting can sometimes feel like a sour note. Especially, after the wait gets longer and longer and longer. But hold on. Turn the “key” of prayer. Allow the Holy Spirit to unlock your faith. I’ve got a testimony that what our triune God has for you is well Worth your Wait!

“The blessings of the LORD maketh rich, and He addeth no sorrow with it.”

~ Proverbs 10:22


"mala-Key's musings" is written by The Rev. Dr. Malachy M. Williams who currently serves as a Pastor, Professor and Producer in the New York metropolitan area. Passionate about education, Dr. Williams holds an MA in Dance and Dance Education from Teachers College, Columbia University; a ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary; a PhD from Talbot School of Theology, Biola University; and is currently working toward a ThD in Pneumatology with a concentration in Semiotics and The Spirit from Evangelical Seminary. A liturgical dancer of over 30 years, Dr. Williams is the author of Simple Steps for Starting a Youth Dance Ministry. She is also a friendly guide for many on “Rest Stop: Times of Refreshing.” Click Here to "Rest Stop" Dr. Williams is a worshipper who believes in the transformative power of the arts especially through a deeper engagement with God’s Word. ~To God Alone be the Glory.

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